Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Farmville on Facebook, yes I'm addicted. Are you?

Yes, well its true. I'm a FARMVILLE addict. Ya, thanks Zynga ... lol

I love the little farming game on facebook. I love to get and receive gifts. I love tending to the fields and trees and animals. I like to get new machinery.

Yes, I know its kinda frivolous. However, it also has some connection to reality.

I like farming on line. I have farmed in the past in real life, and I liked that too. It was a lot of hard work, and the return on investment was often outside of the monetary gain. Outdoors, digging in the dirt, caring for animals, learning to butcher (yes, that's right, I learned how to do that... and yes, I can do it again).

I love the water and the land.

So, here is the little list I made of the "profits" for facebook's Farmville. I'll try and update it as I keep playing. I've based it on a 24 hour day, (I'll let you adjust it for Farmville's 23 hour day).

So the profits are "per day", if you harvested & grew the crops for 24 hours. In some cases, like the 4 hour crops, I simply multiplied by 6. I did the same for the experience points.

Happy Farming :)


strawberries, (35 - 10) x 6 = $150

xp: 6/day

Eggplant: 88 - 25 = 63 / 2 (# days) = 31.5

xp: 1/day

wheat: (115 - 35) / 3 = 103.333

xp: .666

Soybeans: 63 - 15 = 48

xp: 2

Squash: (121 - 40) / 2 = 40.5

xp: 1

Pumpkin: (68 - 30) x 3 = 114

ex: 3

Artichokes: (204 - 70) / 4 = 33.5

ex: .5

Rice: (96 - 45) x 2 = 102

ex: 2

Raspberries: (46 - 20) x 12 = 312

ex: 0

Cotton: (207 - 75) / 3 = 44

ex: .666

Bell Peppers (Yellow): (198 - 75) / 2 = 61.5

ex: 1

Peppers (red): (162 - 70) = 92

ex: 2

Aloe Vera: (85 - 50) x 4 = 140

ex: 4

Pineapples: (242 - 95) / 2 = 73.5

ex: 1

Blueberries: (91 - 50) x 6 = 246

ex: 6

Watermelon: (348 - 130) / 4 = 54.5

ex: .5

Grapes: 270 - 85 = 185

ex: 2

Tomatoes: (173 - 100) x 3 = 219

ex: 3

Potatoes: (345 - 135) / 3 = 70

ex: 0.6666


Carrots: (xx - 110)


Coffee: (xx - 120)


Corn: (xx - 150)


Sunflowers: (xx - 135)


Cabbage: (xx - 140)


Green Tea: (xx - 105)


Black Berries: (xx - 75)


Red Wheat: (xx - 180)


Sugar Cane: (xx - 165)


Peas: (xx - 190)


Yellow Melon: (xx - 205)


Onion: (xx - 170)


Broccoli: (xx - 200)


Asparagus: (xx - 220)


Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodbye eBike

Fall, cool crisp air, leaves changing colour, breezes, geese and ducks flying south. For me, its a time of change.

My newest change: I'm selling my trusty eBike. That's my electric bike. Time for a change.

I love the electric bike & will be sorry to see her go. Hopefully, she will provide her next owner with the fun and satisfaction that she's given me over the last year.

This is my second electronic bike. I really like them. Its great for getting around town, shopping, site seeing. It is a bicycle, with pedals, so it can go on the SkyTrain and the SeaBus (not during rush hour yet, but hopefully they will change this). Theoretically, you could put it on the bike rack on the buses, but its very heavy to lift (at least for me).

This trusty eBike has helped me be mobile at a time in my life when I couldn't get around too well. Initially, it was a choice between a scooter or an electric bike. I'm stubborn. I didn't want to be chair bound. I wanted a little bit of a challenge but something I could easily handle. The eBike gave that to me.

This eBike is still in great shape. She will provide someone with great mobility.

The rubber on the tires is great. The disk brakes are good. They are easily adjusted by hand on the wheel.

The shocks are good. The alarm system is awesome. The wheels lock when the alarm is sounded.

The stand makes it so you can park it almost anywhere.

Even though the alarm works great, I still use a U-Lock. The more the better. I was watching the triathelon in the West End last year when one of the local store owners decided I needed to move my bike immediately. I was stuck for a moment, and couldn't get to the bike right away. The store owner picked up my bike. He put it down immediately when the alarm sounded. Everyone within a one block radius, probably two, heard the alarm. Yes, it works well!

My favourate eBike story was I was riding all over town. I took the skytrain from Surrey, dropped in on Commercial Drive. Wandered through Strathcona and then ChinaTown (I love those steamed buns... yuuummm... ok I digress). I got to the Dunsmuir Street Viaduct and the battery started to fail. Of course I'd been biking for five or six hours so I really was pushing it. I managed to pedal coast along the viaduct. When I headed up Dunsmuir, the battery said NOPE I'm DONE now. Just ahead of me was the BC Hyrdo Building. You Guessed it. I pulled up to their electric outlet, the one they use for the power leave blower and the lawn mower. I plugged in and charged up. It only took about 20 minutes for me to charge up enough to get home, but let me tell you! It felt SOOOO GOOD to plug into BC Hydro's power!

I've been riding a normal bike for the last three months. I can do it with some patience and with a little help and encouragement. When I get pooped out, or the distance is too far, I put it on the bus. I can lift the pedal bike easily. The last few months have been a good transition. Now its time for a change... its fall. And its time.

I'm sorry to see her go, but its time.

Thanks eBike. You've been great!

If you want to see the Craiglist posting: click here