Friday, June 10, 2016

Being a Friend

Being a Friend

This is not sometime I came up with all by myself. It has been written and added to by many people, but it is an important topic.

We all need friends.

We all need different kinds of friends.

Some people deny this, but I believe that this is because they never actually sat down and identified what a "friend" is to them.

Each friendship varies with the friend, but certain traits are mandatory for me. These are a few of them:

Friends can occupy the same room/space without robbing the space of solitude. They appreciate the difference between conversation and pointless noise.

They don't snipe and bitch about other friends.

They do their share of the mundane tasks without prompting. They acknowledge the mundane tasks their friend does without prompting. That doesn't mean "thank you" every 2 minutes, it means real gratitude. That is done sometimes silently.

Friends seldom whine.

Friends are secure in their own purpose

Friends do not anchor themselves to an energy zapping cloud of defeat and ready-made excuses when a challenging project presents itself.