Saturday, April 25, 2009

BC Referendum on Voting System

This ballot is going to be given to you at the upcoming election in British Columbia on May 12.

Its another referendum vote, and its an important one.

It is going to ask for your opinion about which electoral system BC should use for MLA’s:

  • Keep the current system (they call this "First Past the post”, more about this later); or

  • single transferable vote (they call this “BC-STV”, and I’ll discuss this later too).

Each group, “First past the post”, and “BC-STV”, received funding from the provincial government (about $500,000 each). Its REALLY important that we (the voters & taxpaers) get our money's worth in this referendum! The best way to do that, is to get as much information as is available, then make a choice, and MOST importantly, FILL OUT THE BALLOT!

Here is some ways to get information:

The site for those that want BC-STV:

Here is a short synapsis of how advocates of the BC-STV say the system will work:

The following is a video created by the pro STV group, and it explains the benefits of the STV system:

Also, you can google “BC STV” or go to YouTube and do a search there for “yes STV”.

Pro First Past the Post
This is the First Past the Post site:

The First Past the Post organization has concerns about the proposed STV system. In a nutshell, they say the system is complicated, and it is difficult to understand how your vote will be counted. Have a look here:

Here is a video about the concerns of STV:

Other No to STV Sights this is Mike Culpepper’s site on the Single Transferrable Vote question. It has lots of resources and information for further edification.

Bottom Line:
Learn as much as you can about this topic AND THEN VOTE!

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