Sunday, November 22, 2015

New Direction & Changes - Moved & Selling on eBay

So, here goes... I have moved back to the city... this time Long Beach. Henry & I love it. Its three blocks from the beach, I have my bike and Henry loves to run along side me.

Anyway, I'll have more about that later, first I want to talk about the new project. I've decided to try and do the on-line selling thing. I've never tried this before. I'm a terrible salesperson, but what I got to loose, eh? oh ya, time and money... well, as Mike would say... "Nobody ever said it would be easy out west."

So, First was ... what to sell? Well, that sort of fell into my lap. So I'm starting with a Star Wars Collection. I mean, the stars seem to be aligned. My family needs a hand with selling this stuff. Here I am, wanting to learn about on-line selling, and there is a Star Wars Collection.

Second: Research what and how to sell stuff on line. Check. eBay seems to be the best bet. Its a guaranteed service; yes, they take a chunk off the top, but they also make it pretty easy to learn. There is competition there too. So, no to Craigslist: way to flakey and I really don't want to meet anyone personally at my house. Nope! Amazon: they charge a LOT. I'm not sure they are worth the fees yet. Put Amazon on hold for a bit. Later, I might look into flea markets.

The Star Wars thing is perfect because of the upcoming new film release in December 2015. Apparently the movie has already pre-sold tickets for its first few days. I'm sooooo excited! I LOVE Star Wars!

Third: Inventory. What we got? Merchandise - check; packing supplies - check; postage - that will come later. So back to the inventory. Catalogue it - that's what I'm doing this weekend. Man oh man this is a lot of work!!

Fourth: List the items on eBay. Ok, so I put two items on eBay already just to see what would happen. Disappointingly, not much. Some views, some "watchers", but no bids. So I dropped the bid entry price and the "buy it now" prices. Still nothing yet. Patience patience patience.

Fifth: social media advertising. Twitter, Facebook (not crazy about that one), and Google blogger (yup, this thing). My next one is Instagram.

Next: get orders - obviously, this has not happened yet. But yes, it will! Ship the orders, track the items' delivery. Do the bookkeeping and accounting.

Re-assess if this whole thing is worth the effort?

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