Friday, November 28, 2008

Confidence in government

This weekend will be one of historical significance for Canada.

Confidence in government? I need some. I also need the government to be accountable.

Six weeks ago, Canada had an election. The Conservatives did NOT gain the majority it wanted. For the last (almost) 3 years the government has had the same minority position. One of the things that has struck me personally about the Conservative government's actions since they came to power three years ago, is that they believe that they may act as if they do in fact have a majority in the House. They have started that again in this new term.

The Conservative have believed that they can continue with their agenda, believing that Canadians will just accept it.

Now it appears that the opposition leaders are finally listening to the people of Canada. We cannot afford to do more of the same in these economic uncertain times.

The Conservative know how to take care of their friends. They don't know how to take care of the average Canadian. They are NOT looking out for my family, but their own.

We are now in one of the worst recessions in modern times. Yet the Conservative government believes that they can ignore some of the basic tenants of being Canadian. The things that are essential to Canada: Health Care, Equality, Access to government, communication and transportation across a large land mass.

Our country is resource rich. However, if the rest of the world cannot afford our resources, it won't count for much. We don't need to be pinched and shoved into a position where we give away the store for next to nothing. We need to maintain control of our resources. The most valuable resource is people. We need to support the Canadian people, and give them what they need to survive and remain healthy.

The Conservative government has forsaken Canadians in favour of their corporate friends. They have forgotten that the driving force of getting out of a recession is the small business owner. Ordinary Canadians. People like you and me.

Our families are important. The Conservatives' arrogance needs to be stopped. They work for us, not the other way around. They are acting in an unaccountable fashion.

The NDP and the Liberal parties are finally in sync with the fact that this Conservative government needs to be stopped. They are in a position to bring a confidence motion on Monday. They can do it!

Thank goodness they put aside their differences so that the government can be accountable and take care of Canadians.

To the coalition of the NDP & the Liberals: bring it on! Do it for me!

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Kerry Anne Clark-Weaver said...

I am with you Telly it is about time this bully had some sand kicked in his face go NDP