Wednesday, November 19, 2008

holocaust email

There is this email working its way around the internet... about the holocaust. The email claims that the UK has stopped teaching the holocaust in its public school system.

According to, the Holocaust IS being taught in British Schools as part of their history curriculum.

The confusion came from one school taking the holocaust out of their curriculum without appropriate approval. At the same time, a study was done which looked at the impact of teaching the holocaust. It was a study. It was not implementation of policy.

Having said that... I it is still important for us to remember the holocaust. In fact, I suggest that it is essential for us to remember it.

We need to honour and acknowledgement all the people that suffered and died as a result of apartheid German government policies.

We also need to put it into the context in which it belongs.

It was a ruthless genocide which took place while the rest of the world did not stop it or hold those responsible accountable at the time. There were lots of indications that the horrors were happening. The rumours were rampant. There was no outrage. No collective cry of fowl.

We can't let this happen again.

The world did not acknowledge the terror that was done in this genocide until the end of the war and they could no longer turn away from it.

It was apartheid. It was genocide. It was unconscionable. It was terrible.

We have an obligation to ensure that it does NOT happen again.

We must be aware of what is going on in the world. We have an obligation to our fellow human beings. We are all accountable... whether we "know" what's going on or not.

Lest we forget...

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