Sunday, November 9, 2008

ELECTION TIME in Vancouver

Yea, I know... It looks like I haven't been here for a year, but I do post on other sites... That said, ITS ELECTION TIME IN VANCOUVER

Yes, please have a look at my Sept 07 post about the City Strike. Its important to remember those issues when we are electing our new council & Mayor.

Yes, I am a member of Vision. Yes, I have an opinion. HOWEVER, lets have another look at the facts. If you don't agree, please feel free to comment.

We have the 2010 Winter Olympics coming to Vancouver. I personally, am an Olympic junkie. I love them. My sister & I were glued to the TV at disgusting hours during the Beijing Games. I think that they present the very best of who we are as humans on this planet. The ideals are great.

Having said that... Vancouver's bid for the 2010 Winter Games was presented at the expense of our social issues. The NPA party (yes that's Non-Partisan Association... which really is very "partisan" after all) thinks we don't have an obligation to address social issues as a city. They think its either some other level of government's problem, or a "NOT IN MY BACK YARD" issue.

Accessibility & community involvement
Public safety
Business (especially small business) support

Those are the main issues. Its not rock science. The NPA has NOT done a good job. The strike, making homelessness a crime, no new social housing (in fact cuts & lowering the available housing for low income), nothing on the environment, and then GIVING away millions to big developers who are fiscally irresponsible.

This last is the NPA's secret provision of $100 million in loans and $190 million in loan guarantees to the Olympic Village developers. Shame on the NPA and Peter Ladner.

In his "defense", Peter Ladner claims that making this loan a "political football" is inappropriate. WHAT ELSE DOES HE EXPECT? He got caught and cannot defend his conduct. Gregor Robertson has called for a review of the loan. Peter has veto'd that suggestion. And our Mayor? Vacant on it, of course! Remember the Strike? Same story here.

Get ready for a change Vancouver. We need it!

Regardless of my rantings... remember to vote on November 15, your city needs you.

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